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Hipparchus: Father of Trigonometry
190 BC to 120 BC   

     So here is a picture of someone to blame for this topic besides Coach Weedon. Hipparchus did not build trig tables or know of such things and was more concerned with finding lengths of chords of circles of a given radius with a given central angle. We will talk of that kind of thing later, much later in fact.

     Our main concern is to provide a course to allow a review of most of your high school math and cover the main topics of trig. If you have not done well in mathematics up to now, be of good cheer. Now can be your time to change that and pick up some of the ideas you may have had trouble with earlier. If you choose to work at it,  you can raise your previous average 1 or 2 levels. There are many tests to help your average, and homework provides an easy way to increase your average. Look carefully at the rules section in the subsequent pages  to see the details of calculating  your grade. Hopefully, you will agree that the system is built for you to be successful.

     So set your goals today. Whether it's  "C's for the first time" or "exam exemption," Hipparchus will be proud.

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