Prayers for Everyday
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Prayers for Every Day

World Peace Prayer Things Change It's Good to Give Oneself to God Happiness A Family Prayer
Let Me Do Your Will Life is for Living A Nature Prayer Surprise Center of the Market Place
Bread-Loaf-Hope I will pass through this world but once To Take a Risk Prayer of St. Joseph the Worker Prayer of Awareness
Help us God You created a purpose for me Sharing Share This Love You Give Me Strength
Send Over Us Your Spirit Prayer of an Evangelizer Serenity Prayer Living One Day at a Time Slow Me Down
Listening and the Gentle Life An Indian Prayer A Prayer to Turn Around If We Want To, You Will Be With Us God
I Don't Know Where I'm Going A Family Prayer Giver of Life Holding Your Hand Speak and Live Your Joys
Lord, Thank Thee for This Time You Hold the World in Our Hands Prayer for Justice and Peace I Am Grateful We Find Ourselves in Need
Accepted for Who We Are Future and Life Just Like Me Today Prayer for a Mature Faith
One Thing I Need Working People Prayer to Be a Better Listener God, What Are You Doing Anyway? Witness
Go Forth An African Prayer The Gift God Gave You Animated What Makes a Person a Saint
Because How Can I Find Happiness? Christ Be in My Body Steer Safely A Prayer for My Family
In Time of Mental Aguish The Voice of God Let Us Be You Praise To You What God Is
Prayers Can't Be Answered Unless They Are Prayed Keep Going For Courage Be With Us Look Beyond
Be Patient Let Us See, Yahweh Thank Your, God, for Little Things Faith and Doubt Come to Our Home
For the Unemployed I Ask but Instead I Was Given Prayer of Saint Francis I Believe Creator, Sanctifier and Redeemer
Prayer for a Sense of Humor Do Not Fear But Be At Peace Prayer for World Vision For Peace For the Poor and Hungry
Prayer for Personal Growth For Neighbors Prayer to Live in the Present Prayer for Openness For the Lonely
Prayer for God's Good Earth Prayer for Acceptance For Civil Authority Prayer for Brotherhood Christopher Prayer
Prayer on Friendship A Prayer for Faith Prayer to Cope with Anger Prayer for Forgiveness Prayer for Honesty
A Prayer for Government Prayer for Leaders Prayer for Growth in Love You Learn a Difference Give Christmas Gifts
May Your Strength Help Us Each of Us Form the Loaf Desiderata The Authority of Love So Some May Simply Live
Living the Mystery of Our Image Risk Day Well Spent Darkness to Light A Guide to Good Living
Act of Faith World Pledge The Prophet Life Is for Living Psalm 23
Act of Thanksgiving Act of Hope Teach Us Lord Another Day Act of Petition
Take Lord Receive Prayer of Love and Praise Artist of Being Alive Questions I Should Live By Small Beauties