Paragraph 7 - Descriptive detail paragraph due Friday, January 16, 2015, in class.

We all have our favorite foods. Whether it is a Big Mac from McDonald's, a steak from Folk's Folly, your mom's beef stew, or your dad's chili, we all have our favorite repast. In a paragraph, describe for me using appropriate sensory details of smell, taste, sound, touch, and sight, what your idea of your perfect meal would include. It can include any number of courses, including appetizer, salad, soup, main course, and dessert. You can include a beverage and/or bread, but neither of them will count as one of the courses. You can include one item from a restaurant, another from home, and another that your grandmother or some other relative prepares. If the food is cooked at home, you can describe the sounds and smells that you sense while the food is cooking.

The top letter grade will be based on the description that you provide of your foods, and how appropriate the descriptions are of the foods you describe. Do not include how to cook the food or anything that does not deal with a description of the food itself. You can include details from the time while the food is being prepared, however. For the paragraph's organization, you would do well to do all your description of one food before moving on to another. You might also want to describe the foods in the order you would eat them, for example appetizer first, main course, then dessert. You should also have a topic sentence and concluding sentence. This is a good opportunity for you to get your favorite meal cooked at home. Sit in the kitchen or wherever, and take notes of the sounds and smells while it is being prepared. Write down details as you eat the food. You can do that much even if you are at a restaurant!

The paragraph should include the description of at least three courses from the above list, NOT just three foods (For example, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and steak would be considered as the main course and just their description alone would not fulfill the requirements of this paragraph). The paragraph MUST be typed, double spaced, with your name, date, and class information in the top left corner. Please make sure your printer is in working order BEFORE the paragraph is due. I do not want you coming to class and telling me your printer was out of toner, out of ink, etc. Any paper not given to me by the start of class will be late and reduced in value by one-half. If the paragraph is not indented, you will loose five points. If the heading is not typed on the paper, you will lose five points. If you have any questions, please see me. If you want me to proofread your paragraph, I need it no later than the end of the day Wednesday, January 14, 2015. I will return it to you on Thursday, January 15 so you can make revisions and turn it in on Friday, January 16.The paragraph must be submitted to by 11:59PM on Friday, January 16, 2015 or you will be penalized five points.